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Nika Murphy is a Ukrainian-born writer of speculative fiction whose stories appear in Clarkesworld, Luna Station Quarterly, and Apex, and reviewed in Reactor (formerly and Locus. She resides in Florida with her family. 



Nika Murphy is a Ukrainian-born writer of speculative fiction. At 7 years old, Nika came to the United States as a Jewish refugee. Nika attended Arizona State University where she obtained an English Literature Degree and a minor obsession with Mary Shelley.


Deeply influenced by the short stories of Ray Bradbury, cyberpunk manga and anime, and horror novels, Nika began to write fiction. She moved to New York City, then Florida, met her spouse, and moved again. While living in Pennsylvania, she formed a sci-fi and fantasy writing workshop which still meets bi-weekly.

Nika now resides with her family in Duval County, Florida. She holds an MFA from Arcadia University and subsidizes her typewriter collection with a day job in the pharmaceutical industry.


Her stories appear in Clarkesworld, Apex, and Luna Station Quarterly, and reviewed in Reactor (formerly and Locus

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