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Never self-reject!

My favorite genre lit mag is Seize the Press. I read their issues cover to cover. It's been my dream to publish there for a long time, but I never thought I was good enough or had the right aesthetic. One day, when the imposter syndrome was on vacation, I wrote a story with a messy character named Boyd in a grimy setting called Brick City and everything was going so well until... I fell in love with my main character. StP's editor had been clear about happy, hopeful endings. It was a hard no. But I couldn't kill off Boyd. I just couldn't.

So I self-rejected and sent the story to a couple of other places.


Rejected again.

I was dejected. I figured I had no chance anyway, and sent it off to Seize the Press thinking I'd get another quick rejection. I was wrong.

Behold, Issue # 10. Story is available on their Patreon and will be free to read soon if you want to wait to read it. Otherwise, please consider supporting this sickass publication.

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